Top 10 Anaheim Ducks Sports Bars

Fans lining up to attend a sporting event at Honda Center in Anaheim, California. Photo Credit: Visit Anaheim.

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Best place to watch the Anaheim Ducks is Honda Center in Orange County. But what if the Ducks are playing on the road? Or what if you can’t get (or afford) a ticket to the game? Check out the best Anaheim Ducks bars to watch the game in the company of other Ducks fans.

Anaheim Ducks Team History

Parking lot at Honda Center in Anaheim, California. Photo Credit: Visit Anaheim.

The Anaheim Ducks are a professional ice hockey team in the United States. And the team competes in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL).

The team first took to the ice in 1993. Its original name was the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. The name changed to Anaheim Ducks in 2006.

While the Ducks have won six division championships, the team has never won a Presidents’ Trophy. However, it has won two conference championships.

Most importantly, it won the Stanley Cup in the 2006-07 season.

The Ducks play home games at Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

Best Anaheim Ducks Sports Bars 

TCL entrance at Honda Center in Anaheim, California. Photo Credit: Visit Anaheim.

The following sports bars and restaurants are popular with Anaheim Ducks fans.

However, you should always call ahead to make sure they will show the game. Also, ask if the sound will be turned on.

Because of the temporary closing of Disneyland as well as the cancellation of many conventions and sporting events, several sports bars  in Orange County have either permanently closed or temporarily closed.

Others might only be serving take-out or making deliveries.

    1. JT Schmid’s Restaurant & Brewery  – 2610 East Katella Avenue, Anaheim, California. Telephone: (714) 634-9200. FACEBOOK
    2. Tilted Kilt – 1625 West Katella Avenue, Orange, California. Telephone: (714) 633-5458. FACEBOOK
    3. The Catch – 2100 East Katella Avenue #104, Anaheim, California. Telephone: (714) 935-0101. FACEBOOK
    4. Lopez & Lefty’s Sports Cantina – 1759 South Claudina Way, Anaheim, California. Telephone: (714) 300-0000. FACEBOOK
    5. Harvey’s Sports Bar –  1728 South Euclid Street, Anaheim, California. Telephone: (714) 635-0462. FACEBOOK
    6. Keno’s Sports Bar – 2661 West La Palma Avenue, Anaheim, California. Telephone: (714) 761-5366. FACEBOOK
    7. Danny K’s Billiards & Sports Bar – 1096 North Main Street, Orange, California. Telephone: (714) 771-9706. FACEBOOK

A Word to the Wise

Night view of Honda Center. Photo Credit: Visit Anaheim.

While most of these venues tend to attract Anaheim Ducks fans on game day, there are no guarantees.

Sometimes they won’t turn on the sound. Other times they might show other events. And there is always the chance the venue might be booked for special events.

Also, fans sometimes migrate to other venues. And bars sometimes close.

Therefore, you should always call ahead to make sure that the game you want to watch will be broadcast.

Your Input on Anaheim Ducks Bars Wanted

If you have patronized any of these Anaheim Ducks sports bars, please leave comments (pro or con) in the COMMENT box below.

You can mention the ambiance for Anaheim fans, the visibility of TV screens, the quality of the sound, the food, the service – whatever!

Also, please let me know if any of these Ducks watch bars have closed – or if Anaheim fans are no longer watching Ducks games at them.

Your own recommendations on where to watch the Ducks play will also be greatly appreciated! Especially welcome would be Duck-friendly sports bars in other cities!

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