Maldives Hotel Industry Faces Opportunities and Challenges (Executive Interview)


Tourist arrivals in the Maldives continue to soar despite civil unrest unrest earlier this year. What opportunities and challenges does the island nation's hotel industry face? The general manager of an all-villa resort voices his views in an exclusive executive interview.


Mincemeat Pie – the History Behind It, How to Make It, How to Serve It, (and Why I Like It)

Mincemeat pies made by Erik Taylor of Seattle, Washington. Food + Beverage Mincemeat pie, a.k.a. mince pie, is a sweet pie of British origin. Filled with a mixture of dried fruits, nuts, and spices, it is traditionally served at or around Christmas in the English-speaking world. Mincemeat pies date back to the 13th Century.  So …