Review of Chezzotel Pattaya, a Boutique Hotel Off the Beaten Track


Chezzotel Pattaya is located in a fascinating part of a seaside resort near Bangkok. The rooms are stylish and comfortable, and shopping is just a few steps from the hotel lobby.  Check out this review of Chezzotel Pattaya, a boutique hotel off the beaten tourism track.


An Evening with Harlan Goldstein at Comfort Food for Friends (in Pattaya, Thailand)


Where to Eat in Pattaya Harlan Goldstein's Comfort Food for Friends is a fine dining restaurant serving an eclectic menu of mouth-watering dishes in casual surroundings. The charming eatery is located in the heart of Cozy Beach, a foodie enclave in Pattaya, Thailand. Meet Harlan Goldstein Harlan Goldstein and I go back a long way. I …