Kowloon Restaurants Offer Takeaway Menus

Four Kowloon restaurants offer takeaway menus. Diners can call in their orders, pick them up, and consume them at home. Choices range from fine-dining Chinese fare to comfort food, bar bites, and signature cocktails. Containers are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Kowloon restaurants offer takeaway dishes in environmentally friendly biodegradable containers. Photo Credit: Cordis Hotels.

Where to Eat in Hong Kong

Cordis, Hong Kong, has launched takeaway services from its four Kowloon restaurants. The popular eateries are now offering a selection of dishes that can be picked up to be consumed at home. In fact, the move comes as restaurants come to terms with changing eating habits in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Cordis Restaurant Lineup 

The Cordis, Hong Kong, is a full service, five-star hotel. It has four food-and-beverage outlets. And they are popular not only with hotel guests. In addition, they are highly popular with local residents, as well.

Firstly, the lineup includes the hotel’s acclaimed fine-dining eatery, Ming Court

Secondly, the casual out-door outlet The Garage is serving a paired-down takeaway menu focusing on mouthwatering hamburgers.

In addition, the popular buffet restaurant The Space is offering 10 of its most popular dishes on a takeaway basis.

And finally, Alibi, a restaurant bar, is now offering both food and cocktails to go.

Chefs prepare takeaway dishes after orders have been placed. Therefore, diners should call ahead at least one hour before they plan on picking their orders up.

Hygiene and safety remain top priorities. In addition, the restaurants use eco-friendly take-out boxes and cutlery that are biodegradable.

Ming Court – Chinese Restaurant in Kowloon Offers Takeaway

barbecue-pork from-kowloon-restaurant-offering-takeaway
Supreme Pork Loin, Honey, Barbecued, is a favourite dish at Ming Court. Photo Credit: Cordis, Hong Kong. Photo Credit: Cordis Hotels.

Ming Court is the fine-dining Chinese restaurant at the Cordis, Hong Kong.

The menu at Ming Court focuses on Cantonese cuisine, which is the cooking style of Guangdong Province in Southern China.

Ming Court is one of 44 restaurants in Hong Kong to have one Michelin star. It has enjoyed this status since 2009, when the first Michelin guide to Hong Kong restaurants was published.

Ming Court’s gourmet grab-and-go menu starts with deluxe dim sum, appetizers, barbecued meat, and marinated meat.

In fact, the Supreme Pork Loin is one of the stars of the show. Locals usually call it char siu.

Secondly, there are three kinds of soup. And in keeping with Cantonese culinary tradition, they are all not only delicious. In addition, they are meant to promote good health.

Thirdly, there are several categories of main dishes. And they run from abalone and dried seafood to fresh seafood.

For meat lovers, there are several poultry, pork, and beef dishes. And my favourite would have to be the stir-fried sweet and sour pork with pineapple.

These dishes are followed by three vegetable and six vegetarian dishes. Finally, there are four noodle and three rice dishes.

The Garage Bar – Casual Kowloon Restaurant Offers Takeaway

Four kinds of hamburgers. Photo Credit: Cordis Hotels.

The Garage Bar is an outdoor food truck focusing on craft beers. It has an eclectic East-West menu.

But rather than serving everything to go, the gourmet grab-and-go menu has been substantially paired down.

Consequently, the menu comprises four mouth-watering burgers, which are the best-suited bites for takeaway dining.

These decadent burgers include Australian Grass-fed Wagyu Beef Burgers, Impossible Plant-based Ground Meat Burgers, Soft-Shell Crab Burgers, and Halibut Fish Burgers.

All burgers come with lettuce, onion, pickles, and TGB sauce. They are served on freshly baked brioche buns. And French fries are included.

The Place – Kowloon Buffet Restaurant Offers Takeaway

Classic Caesar Salad at The Place. Photo Credit: Cordis Hotels.

The Place is a buffet restaurant serving dishes from around the world. Is it the only buffet restaurant in Kowloon offering takeaway? In not, it is arguably the best!

Ten of the eatery’s most popular dishes have been selected to be served on a takeaway basis.

The menu starts with tried-and-true choices such as classic Caesar salads, club sandwiches, and cream of mushroom soups.

And it extends to more esoteric choices such as Hainanese chicken rice, sweet-and-sour Omnipork, and chicken Caesar tortilla wraps.

For me, I’d like to try the nasi goreng, an Indonesian dish I grew fond of during my many trips to Bali. A classic fried rice dish, it has prawns, chicken, eggs, and chili.

Meanwhile, the version at The Place comes with chicken wings and beef satay. Sounds like a winner to me!

However, surely, the most decadent choice would have to be The Place Burger.

First, there is a grilled Wagyu beef patty. Then are tomatoes, onions, Colby Jack cheese, bacon, and lettuce.

And you can keep it healthy with a green salad. Or you can go for broke with French fries!

Alibi – Kowloon Casual Restaurant/Bar Offers Takeaway

A cocktail served in sealed plastic bags. Photo Credit: Cordis Hotels.

Alibi is a casual restaurant serving bespoke cocktails and creative plates that are meant to be shared.

Not only does the grab-and-go menu includes light bites, main courses, and sides. In addition, it also features signature cocktails!

Light bites include cheese toasties, a vegan salad, organic grass-fed beef sliders, and grass-fed beef short ribs. Main courses include a Layers of Earth salad and prawns paella. Sides include sauteed Indonesian tempeh and sauteed broccolini.

In addition to the mouth-watering dishes, mixologist Leo Cheung has concocted eight takeaway cocktails that are made to order. So how do you get them home?

Liquid and solid elements are contained in separate vacuum-sealed bags.

Just make sure you’ve got some ice and cocktail glasses on hand at home!

Priced from HK$120, each set of takeaway cocktail is packaged with garnish.

Daiquiris, Old Fashioneds, Side Cars, and Whiskey Sours must be consumed within 12 hours. And they cost HK$130.

Manhattans, Negronis, Gin Martinis, and Vodka Martinis can be kept in the refrigerator for up to five days. They all cost HK$120.

La Vienx Carres are a combination of cognac, rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters. While they can also be kept for up to five days, they are a bit pricier. They cost HK$150.

You should call ahead to place orders. Allow at least 45 minutes for cocktails and one hour for food.

Eating Food in vs. Taking Food Out

During the global coronavirus pandemic, many diners are afraid to dine out. In fact, in many places, it is not allowed.

In some spots, governments have forced restaurants to close because of COVID-19. And in other places, restaurants can only offer take-out food or make food deliveries.

While restaurants in Hong Kong have been allowed to remain open, many people have been afraid to eat at them.

So what is the difference between eating food at a restaurant and ordering food and eating it at home? Or at work or in a park?

Simple! You don’t have to take your face mask off to order food. And you don’t have to take your face mask off to take away food.

Since you DO have to take your face mask off to eat food, many people think it is better to do that in the safety of their own home!


Cordis, Hong Kong – 555 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

The Cordis, Hong Kong, sits in the heart of Mongkok, one of Kowloon’s most interesting neighborhoods.

The five-star hotel has direct access to Langham Place, an upscale shopping mall. It has access to the Mongkok MTR station.

Not only that, the hotel is within walking distance of the Temple Street Night Market, the Ladies’ Market, and the Flower Market.

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