Detox & Rejuvenation: Day One

I woke up earlier than expected. After showering and shaving, I headed to the Yoga Centre, where I took part in Pranayama, or meditation, yoga for 30 minutes. I had my first detox drink while waiting for a consultation with a wellness consultant, who conducted a kinesiology priority check, took my blood pressure, and measured my weight. With my clothes on, I weighed 174 pounds. I began my first colon hydrotherapy session at 10 am.

Colonics, otherwise known as colon hydrotherapy, is designed to internally cleanse the colon or large intestine. Warm water is transported through the rectum, filling the large intestine, which is then emptied by the patient by way of vigorous “pushing motions”. The nurse periodically leaves the room for five minutes to allay an embarrassment.

By diluting toxins and flushing impacted waste out of the body, colonics is thought to reduce toxic symptoms ranging from allergies to auto-immune diseases. It is also thought to encourage weight loss and help clear up the skin – and generally lead to better health.

As part of the regimen, patients take herbal supplements four times a day as well as consuming two bowls of vegetable broth, the juice of one coconut, special drinks – which I found quite yummy.

Following my first treatment, I felt fantastic. I have never, in fact, felt so clean – inside out – in all my life. I spent the rest of the day doing what I would normally do at a resort – sans food. I did laps for an hour in the pool. I did yoga. I had a massage. And I continued reading my book.

Generally, I go a bed quite late – 2 or 3 in the morning, and wine is a integral part of my evening routine. I wondered how I would fare without it, worrying that I might not be able to fall asleep. But my worries were misplaced. In fact, I had no problem dozing off that night.

At about 10.30, I put my book down, expecting to just doze off for a few minutes and then continue reading. Instead, I awoke bright and early the next morning, with all of the lights still on.

Copyright: Michael Taylor
Pictured: Colonics Bed
Courtesy of Absolute Sanctuary, Koh Samui, Thailand

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