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Stephen Strasburg hits a double to right field from the Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves at Nationals Park, 7 April 7 2021. Photo Credit:  All-Pro Reels Photography.


Best place to watch the Atlanta Braves is Truist Park. But what if the Braves are playing on the road? Or what if you can’t get a ticket to the game? Check out the best Atlanta Braves bars to watch the game in the company of other Braves fans.


Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves Team History

Boston Braves uniforms at the team museum at Truist Park in Atlanta.

The Atlanta Braves are a professional baseball team in the United States.

In fact, they have competed in the East Division of the National  League (NL) of Major League Baseball (MLB) since 1994.

However, from 1969 to 1993, the Braves competed in the NL West Division.

The Braves have a long and complicated history.

To start with, the franchise was founded in 1871 in Boston, Massachusets. And they originally called themselves the Boston  Red Stockings.

A precursor of the Boston  Red Sox?

In 1876, they renamed themselves the Boston Red Caps. While in Beantown, the team underwent several more name changes …

  • 1883 to 1906 – Boston Beaneaters 
  • 1907 to 1910 – Boston Doves
  • 1911 – Boston Rustlers
  • 1912 to 1935 – Boston Braves
  • 1935 to 1940 – Boston Bees

Finally, in 1941, the team settled on the name Braves. And the team has called itself the Braves ever since.

However, in 1953, the team moved from Boston to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And it started calling itself the Milwaukee Braves to reflect its new home,

Finally, in 1966,  the team moved to Atlanta, Georgia. And it assumed its current nomenclature: the Atlanta Braves.

The Braves have won 20 division titles. And this  includes five in the NL West and 15 in the NL East

Furthermore, the team has won 17 National League pennants.

Most importantly, the Braves have won three World Series titles. Interestingly, they have brought titles to each of the three cities the team has represented.

  • Boston Braves – 1914
  • Milwaukee Braves – 1957
  • Atlanta Braves –  1995

The Atlanta Braves play home games at Truist Park in Cumberland, Georgia. The open-air stadium is about 10 miles (16 kilometers) northwest of downtown Atlanta.

Best Atlanta Braves Sports Bars in Georgia

The following sports bars and restaurants in Atlanta and other cities in Georgia are popular with Atlanta Braves fans.

However, you should always call ahead to make sure they will show the game. Also, ask if the sound will be turned on.

  1. Sports & Social Atlanta  – 825 Battery Avenue SE, Atlanta, Georgia. Tel: (404) 965-2511. FACEBOOK
  2. Hudson Grille Midtown942 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, Georgia. Tel: (404) 892-0892. FACEBOOK
  3. The Brewhouse Cafe401 Moreland Avenue, NE Atlanta, Georgia. Tel: (404) 525-7799. FACEBOOK
  4. Hampton + Hudson Community Bar and Restaurant299 North Highland Avenue NE, Atlanta, Georgia. Tel: (404) 948-2123. FACEBOOK
  5. The Daily Draft – 8594 Main Street, Woodstock, Georgia. Tel: (770) 783-2799. FACEBOOK
  6. Sportsline Bar and Grill – 2100 Riverside Parkway, Suite 104B, Lawrenceville, Georgia. Tel: (770) 995-5210. FACEBOOK
  7. Wicked Wings – 3760 Sixes Road,  Canton, Georgia. Tel: (770) 720-0984. FACEBOOK
  8. Terrapin Taproom – 755 Battery Avenue SE, Atlanta. Georgia. Tel: (404) 494-1202. FACEBOOK
  9. Black Bear Tavern – 1931 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta, Georgia. Tel: (404) 355-9089. FACEBOOK
  10. Atlanta Braves All-Star Grill – Downtown – 200 Peachtree Street NW Atlanta, Georgia. Tel: (404) 205-5257. FACEBOOK – STILL CLOSED???
  11. Atlanta Braves All-Star Grill – Atlanta Airport Concourse D – 6000 North Terminal  Parkway, Concourse D F-8, Atlanta, Georgie. Tel: (404) 305-8001. FACEBOOK – STILL CLOSED???


Best Atlanta Braves Bars in Other States

Here are some sports bars and restaurants popular with Atlanta Braves fans in other states.

While these venues often show Atlanta Braves games, there are no guarantees.

Therefore, you should call ahead to make sure they will show the game and that the sound will be turned on.


A Word to the Wise

While most of these venues tend to attract Atlanta Braves fans on game day, there are no guarantees.

Sometimes they won’t turn on the sound. Other times they might show other events. And there is always the chance the venue might be booked for special events.

Also, fans sometimes migrate to other venues. And bars sometimes close.

Therefore, you should always call ahead to make sure that the game you want to watch will be broadcast.

Your Input on Atlanta Braves Bars Wanted

If you have patronized any of these  Atlanta Braves sports bars, please leave comments (pro or con) in the COMMENT box below.

You can mention the ambiance for Atlanta Braves fans, the visibility of TV screens, the quality of the sound, the food, the service – whatever!

Also, please let me know if any of these Atlanta Braves watch bars have closed – or if Atlanta fans are no longer watching Braves games at them.

Your own recommendations on where to watch the Atlanta Braves play will also be greatly appreciated! Especially welcome would be Braves-friendly sports bars in other cities!

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